Our core business is servitization: the transformation from selling products to providing services. This ensures maximum utilization of raw materials and optimized flexibility. This gives advantages both ecologically and financially! By means of 'The Service Factory', LAMMP activates servitization initiatives.

Enviromental & social governance

ESG is in our DNA.


Taking care of the environment, climate and our natural surroundings is crucial for all future generations.


We care about people. Increasing workload, stress and burnouts have put social well-being higher on the agenda. Building design and facilities have the potential to significantly improve well-being. LAMMP wants to play a major role in creating and optimizing communities.


We ensure transparency, follow-up on sustainability and social welfare by means of data, analyses and advanced digitization. Facts lead to knowledge and insight. We like sharing our expertise and tools with our partners.

We take care of everything

Whatever your objectives or expectations are, LAMMP takes care of everything! We integrate facility, property and asset management and take care of all administration. You can rely on a single point of contact so you can focus on your core business.


We deliver what we promise thanks to our unique digital backbone!

Our technology reveals the synergies between facility, property and asset management. All relevant data is brought together and analyzed in one standardized database. This results in valuable practical and financial insights.

Digitale backbone

Our digital backbone is pure plug-and-play and flawlessly combines all possible software and hardware. It works with all types of technology and brands. All possible sensors, hardware and building management systems (BMS) can smoothly be combined.

Analysis & insight

Our online and real-time dashboards keep you at all times apprised of usage, consumption and services in your building. Has a door been left open while the air conditioning is still running? Or is there a report of excessive water consumption? All information is accessible anytime, anywhere with an additional option of push-notifications.


Our dashboards are user-friendly and clear. We believe in transparent partnerships built on trust.

Research & development

LAMMP chooses sustainability on a scientific basis. We invest more than 20% of our turnover in scientific research into making users aware of sustainable choices.

Antwerp Management School

To this end, we collaborate with the Antwerp Management School (AMS) and set up the LAMMP chair. Continuous research into user behavior within buildings and how this behavior can be made more sustainable.

Value engineering process

Each project is unique. That is exactly why we focus on your specific needs and expectations. Through intensive workshops, brainstorm sessions and interviews we discover what is important to you and how we can create additional value together.