Wat is your-product-as-a-service?

Your-product-as-a-service (YPAAS) is our servitization business model. The primary focus is the transition from ‘selling products’ to ‘providing services and desirable outcomes’. Manufacturers remain the owners of their product and are responsible for maintenance and costs.

Customers don’t purchase products, but pay a fixed amount for an output or a service. For example, people don’t buy lamps or heating systems anymore, rather they pay for 'light' and 'heat'. Servitization is sustainable, profitable and a vital step towards a circular economy.

Tapping into a new market

You do not sell products, but carefree services. This opens up a completely new market with long-term contracts and high potential for new customers.

Higher and controlled returns

Get more return on your investments. Offering products as services leads to long-term and maximum usage of all materials and resources. This process also stimulates product innovation.

Optimization through user feedback

LAMMP delivers real-time data containing insights about performance and usage so products and services can be optimized efficiently.

Higher and controlled returns

Show the world you believe in your brand. With product-as-a-service, you explicitly guarantee quality and sustainability.

How do we help?

LAMMP is the only one on the market to help you transform your products into services. We support you throughout the entire process: from addressing new customers to initiating agreements and the complete follow-up.

A single point of contact

We are the intermediary between producers and consumers. We assist in drafting the agreement and take care of the entire follow-up.

Digital marketplace

Our online platform connects manufacturers, construction professionals and consumers. This provides you with a clear-cut overview of tomorrow's services.

Dashboards with real-time data

Always be up-to-date with the performance of services with our user-friendly dashboards. They provide a clear overview of service performance based on real-time data and analyses.

Continuous user feedback

LAMMP provides constant market insights, excellent customer relations and promising product optimizations within reach.

Value engineering process

Each project is unique. That is exactly why we focus on your specific needs and expectations. Through intensive workshops, brainstorm sessions and interviews we discover what is important to you and how we can create additional value together.