100% guaranteed OpEx

The OpEx is a volatile cost, unless you choose LAMMP! Our building performance contract (BPC) is the only one on the market that offers a 100% contractually guaranteed OpEx on an annual basis.

Practical investment feedback

Practical insight into the daily use of buildings puts an end to inefficient maintenance and unnecessary costs. LAMMP creates clear and tangible insights about building management and consumption. This allows you to (re)evaluate investments quickly, easily and adjust where necessary.

Up-to-date with the latest trends

Construction techniques and technology are constantly evolving. Thanks to The Service Factory we can equip any building with the latest technology without making considerable investments!

Optimal and flexible facility management

LAMMP continuously matches user needs to facilities and services. Data shows us when and where facility management needs adjusting. Our approach is highly accessible, user-friendly and client-specific!

Ground breaking virtualization

Digital twins are the past, digital clones the future. Interested in discovering the advantages for your project? Be sure to read more about the debut of hybridisation!


Value engineering process

Each project is unique. That is exactly why we focus on your specific needs and expectations. Through intensive workshops, brainstorm sessions and interviews we discover what is important to you and how we can create additional value together.