Central marketplace

Smart architecture with respect for our natural environment is the future. LAMMP acts as a partner in realizing sustainable ambitions. We offer:


Online central market place

An online central market place with a comprehensive overview of circular building technologies and services


Technologies & products

Advice on sustainable technologies and products


Materials passport

Digital data of materials and products used in buildings, such as their history, the extent to which they can be reused, ...

Immediate and accurate insight into Capex and OpEx

Predictability of the exact costs of construction projects are difficult to predict. With LAMMP you can count on a detailed and correct insight into both CapEx and OpEx. We make this possible through:

The service factory

Through servitization (the shift from ‘purchasing products’ into ‘providing services’) we are able to convert investment costs into operating costs. This leads to a decrease in CapEx and a stable, predictable OpEx.

Online central marketplace

A single online platform with a comprehensive and accurate overview of all prices, information and optimal synergy between various construction materials, products and technologies.

User centered design

Respond more quickly to user needs without making substantial investments. LAMMP's Service Factory creates unparalleled flexibility in terms of structural engineering and facility management. This allows us to continuously improve the quality of living and working environments!

Technology has the potential to stimulate people into making sustainable choices, which is exactly why LAMMP invests in Research & Development at the Antwerp Management School. The purpose of this research is gaining insight into how technology can raise awareness about positive and sustainable choices and how to nudge people towards such choices.

Clear and correct information about Quality Labels

Sustainability labels and certificates need to adhere to certain requirements and demands. Accurate information about these requirements is often difficult to come by. Even more so, is aligning specific materials and designs to such demands. Our central marketplace takes care of all those problems! Select your criteria and specific Quality Labels and rest assured that you’ll choose the right services and materials.

From BIM model to digital clone

Digital twins are the past, digital clones are the future! Interested in discovering the advantages for your project? Be sure to read more about the debut of hybridization!

Value engineering process

Each project is unique. That is exactly why we focus on your specific needs and expectations. Through intensive workshops, brainstorm sessions and interviews we discover what is important to you and how we can create additional value together.