Michael Peeters

CEO & Founder

Michael is a true digital native with roots in the analog real estate industry. He’s an ardent advocate of sustainability through technology. In addition to his technological know-how and technical input, he leads the team. Michael continues to upgrade LAMMP, so for any comment or feedback, he’s the one to talk to!

'Making predictions is hard, especially when it comes to the future!'

Bart Wallyn


Bart is a fitting pioneer for everything concerning facility and property management thanks to his many years of experience in the sector. Together with his team he holds down ‘the operational fort’ successfully. The use of digitization, the implementation of analyses and matching the right service partners with clients are key to the success of LAMMP’s management responsibilities.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work

Stéphanie Beyens

Customer Experience Manager

Stéphanie not only tackles our operational and financial administration, but she’s on the frontline for all client relations. Stéphanie supports the team where needed and closely follows up on our customer relations. Her extensive experience as an Event Manager and as a Care Team Officer make her a real team-player.

It'll be fine

Lisa Hoornaert

Head of sustainable transformation

Lisa strongly believes in servitization and how it will change the world. She passionately focuses on the art of transforming products into services. With her experience in facility management and as an Implementation Consultant for software and SMART projects, Lisa is the right woman for the job!

Today a job, tomorrow the world.

Melina Gorrebeeck

Head of social value

Melina is an expert in connecting people and organizations. The social field is familiar territory for her and a playground full of opportunities for investors, building owners, and other organizations. With Human Side, she works on developing Third Places, creating support for building projects, finding social partnerships around sustainability, and activating unused surfaces in buildings.

The map is not the territory. - Korzybski

Achilles Hannecart

ESG Developer

Some of our projects require additional attention regarding ESG aspects. Achilles feels like a fish in the sea of information regarding Environmental, Social and Governance. From innovative financial constructions to circularity and sustainability, he calls the shots!

Do it right or don't do it at all.

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Value engineering process

Each project is unique. That is exactly why we focus on your specific needs and expectations. Through intensive workshops, brainstorm sessions and interviews we discover what is important to you and how we can create additional value together.